BoomBet Casino

Websites with darker backgrounds aren't as popular nowadays. However, there are opportunities to play at casinos with a darker backdrop. BoomBet Casino is one such site, and we must say it works well in this instance. The casino games are colorful and feature all kinds of images - most of which look great against the darker background.

But is there more to look forward to as well? You bet - and we're going to reveal all to you here today in our full BoomBet Casino review.

Several key software developers take part

We always prefer casinos that offer games from more than just one or two developers. BoomBet has managed to grab games from several leading brands, including Betsoft, Microgaming, and Rival Gaming.

There are others too, but we'll let you explore more of their collection for yourself. Suffice to say there are lots of games to discover there.

A standard lobby awaits

It's easy for a casino to complicate things by doing something different with the lobby design. Fortunately, that's not true of this casino. Instead, it has the typical categories covering slots, video poker, table games, and other options.

Some categories have other sections in them too, most notably the slots area. If you want to try video slots or progressives, for example, you can choose to see only those.

Is this an easy casino to sign up to?

If you live in an approved country, yes, you shouldn't have any difficulties signing up to play at BoomBet Casino. Follow the instructions by opting for the PLAY NOW message in green, which gets bigger and smaller via a neat animation. Once you have your account, you can start playing some of the real games on offer at the site.

Does the casino have any signup restrictions?

Yes, those in the United Kingdom and the United States are unfortunately prohibited from using the casino. However, wherever you live, we would still suggest you are sure of being the legal age to play online casino games before you proceed. Check local laws and jurisdiction rules and regulations too, just to be sure you don't come unstuck.

How to choose some games to play

When you visit this casino for the first time, it's wise to spend a little time browsing the game collection. You'll see they have table games, video poker games, and some specialty titles available as well. This means you can always have a change from slots if you fancy it.

Slots remain the biggest attraction

We have yet to visit an online casino where slots weren't the main game you'll see there. It's the same for this casino too, and with five subcategories under the slots heading, it's easy to narrow the collection of titles that are provided for all players to check out.

Free games provide a way to test before you play for real

We like to see demo games available wherever possible, and every title we tried at the casino did have a demo that could be loaded. Since they work identically to the real version, it provides a chance to see if a certain game could join your selection of paid options to think about.

How many of their paid games would fit your budget?

It depends on which budget you have, of course. However, with slots and casino games available from just a penny per wager, rising through plenty of values from there, you've certainly got lots of options and considerations to think about. Even the smallest budget should stretch far enough to provide lots of variation and potential.

How simple is it to find some new slot games?

There is a new games category at BoomBet Casino. Trouble is, that one covers all the new games and not just the slots.

It's not much of an issue though, because the casino adds new slots more regularly than it does anything else.

Go through to the promotions from the main menu

The welcome bonus adds up to a monster €6,000 if you were to make the most of it. We can see a 100% cashback deal or a 200% welcome deal, so you have more variety here than many other casinos would provide you with.

They also mention the VIP loyalty points, which we'll come to shortly. There were no other deals there though, so if you have exhausted your welcome deal and you want something else to claim, you might need to look online to see more.

We didn't spot any tournaments

There could potentially be the occasional tournament revolving around a special offer or occasion. However, this is not a casino that makes a regular thing of any tourney action.

The occasional casino winner is announced on the home page

You might see some of the latest jackpot amounts mentioned there, too. Some of the prizes won that were mentioned on the page were in the thousands, and you are told which game the player won that prize on too.

More about those loyalty points

Most casinos like to reward loyalty in their players. BoomBet Casino is no different. You automatically earn comp points whenever you make real wagers. Over time, those add up until you get enough to convert to cash.

Mobile and app access

If you visit the online casino on a computer, you can choose from download or instant play options. The download is free and once complete, you never need to download it on that computer again.

If you are on a tablet or smartphone, no app is needed. The site should display in the correct way according to your screen size. Regardless of how you use the casino, only one account is required.

You'll need to register for an account before you play

This shouldn't take long, but even if you want to experiment with a demo or two, an account is required.

Instant play is often easier

BoomBet Casino does have a download, as we discovered, but do you need to use it? It's down to preference, but we think instant play can be more versatile. If you don't always play on the same computer, instant play would make more sense.

Is there any affiliate info for BoomBet Casino?

No, we looked through the site and found nothing like this available.

Sporting services, betting, and associated options

No sportsbook or racebook services are provided at this casino.

Is there a blog or forum featured anywhere?

While you might find discussions about the casino at online forums based on casino topics, not to mention blogs that cover similar topics, these are not featured at the casino itself.

Can you play any live dealer games?

Yes, the game menu does include a separate area for live dealer games. baccarat, roulette, and blackjack are all present, as you would expect. You can also try your hand at Caribbean Stud Poker and craps.

Deposit methods are shown in green on the banking page

This page works by using a simple green and red system that indicates whether you can use a method for depositing, withdrawing, or both. All but the wire transfer option is fine for making deposits, covering cards, e-wallets, and a couple of other methods.

You cannot use a credit card for making a withdrawal

Online wallets are acceptable though, as is the wire transfer option.

Bitcoin is also accepted

It doesn't appear on the banking page, but that's only because it is covered on its own page. If you are unfamiliar with Bitcoin but you think you might use it, we recommend you head for that Bitcoin page via the main menu.

They even give you a step by step guide to using it at BoomBet Casino, so this could be the best pick of all.

The support page tells you more about sources of help

The casino offers support via email and telephone. They have several contact numbers according to where you live. Live chat is there too, accessed via a speech bubble at the bottom right of your screen. It shows as red if there is no one available to answer your query, so it doesn't operate around the clock.