Online Casinos vs. Land-Based Casinos: Which is Better for US Players?

Are you wondering whether to play at an online casino somewhere in the US or to head out and attend a real casino instead? When we say real, we of course refer to bricks and mortar or land-based casinos, so if you're wondering which way to go, we can help you find an answer here.

Convenience is better at online casinos

Some US states do not allow casinos to operate, so if you live in one of those, you've got some traveling to do to reach any real casino. However, visiting an online casino can be done from your couch… and pretty much anywhere else you can think of.

You can likely work out why the online casino world has gotten so much bigger over the years. There's no need to dress smartly to get in either!

What about choice?

This is a feature to think about, especially as only a few states welcome online casinos and provide licenses for casinos to operate within individual states. If you don't happen to reside in one of those American states, what can you do?

There are several offshore casinos that accept players from anywhere in the US, so those provide an alternative. While they're not covered by state laws in America, there are several that have proven themselves to be reliable and user-friendly casinos. It means that wherever you live in the US, you do still have many casinos you can check out online if that's what you prefer to do.

Expect better bonuses online too

Plenty of land-based casinos provide their members with VIP clubs or similar features that allow them to enjoy a host of services or features. However, you can surely spot lots of bonuses at online casinos welcoming US players. In fact, there are ongoing promotions for many players, and that's after using the welcome package you are more likely to find there.

US players do get more choice online for bonuses, sites to visit (including the offshore variety), and games as well. Any land-based casino is limited on space, even if they do add plenty of slot machines to their lobby. You'll find hundreds more online, giving you yet another reason to check out some US-friendly online casinos.