Vanguards Casino

One thing you wouldn't expect to see at an online casino is a unicorn. Right? Well, you get to see one at Vanguards Casino, a site that chooses to lead with that and a neat welcome deal.

There are casino chips flying around and a host of familiar faces to greet you when you arrive. The faces provide clues to where the games come from, and we'll tell you more about those shortly. Are you ready to explore Vanguards Casino?

Can you figure out the software brands in action here?

If you guessed the identity of the characters we mentioned earlier, you might know that games from Betsoft are available at this casino. You can also expect to browse many delightful games from Rival Gaming.

There is a lot to look for inside the lobby

This is where the games are at, so you can expect to find slots, table games, and many other options to suit your mood. Video poker is also featured.

You are invited to join on the home page

This is normal practice and once you go through to the registration process, a box appears with three pages to fill in. It's a straightforward process to complete.

Is the casino welcoming of everyone?

No, but we guess you wouldn't expect it to be. Players living in the USA and Australia cannot use the site. Neither can those living in Canada. Some European countries are permitted while others aren't, which shows how important it is to review the terms and conditions before attempting to join. You wouldn't want to come unstuck later.

Each game is represented with a clear image

Vanguards Casino uses a single striking image to display with the title for each game. It has some appeal, sure, but it also helps you recognize familiar games and spot those that might use a popular theme.

Lots of slots whenever you're ready for them

You can browse through the 3D games from Betsoft or the i-Slots from Rival if you wish. If it is a progressive slot you are after, those are available at this casino in their own section.

Players can also choose three-reel or five-reel games if they prefer one over the other. This saves time on reviewing all the available titles.

Free games at Vanguards Casino

If a game has been released with a demo version, you're sure to find it available to try at Vanguards Casino. Whenever you are interested in something that is new to you, you should check it out in more detail.

How much does it cost to play a game?

It depends which one you choose. Some begin with a penny per coin, while others reach into much larger coin values. Even then, the total wager per spin on a slot would depend on the number of lines played. Check and double check before you play, because once you hit spin, you cannot get a refund.

New slot games sit with all the other new games

Vanguards Casino offers you the chance to explore many new titles on the site. If you head for the new games area, you won't miss any of the new slots or other games you could try.

Choose your ideal welcome promotion

How many casinos give you an option when you sign up? This one does, with cashback or a deposit bonus to choose from. If you select the standard deposit bonus, it is worth 200% on top of your deposited amount. Alternatively, you can go for insurance to protect you against early losses.

There are other chances to collect other bonuses at the casino, with weekly offers and occasional special deals available.

Tournaments don't make an appearance

That could change, but we've seen no sign of that happening yet.

A few casino winners earn a spot on the home page

You can look out for the occasional name to pop up as the images change at the top of the page. We didn't find any other areas where winners are mentioned though.

Members can earn other rewards too

We mean comp points, of course, which are earned whenever a real bet is placed, regardless of the outcome. You can keep an eye on your total inside your account. You'll need 1,000 points to convert into a dollar cash payment or other available currency.

Are there any apps for the casino?

No, Vanguards Casino doesn't require mobile users to download an app first. When it comes to using the casino on a regular computer, you can choose from download or instant play.

Do you need to register to try the demo games?

Yes, it seems you do. When we originally visited the site some time ago, we managed to play some games without registering. However, it appears this is no longer possible.

Instant play gives you lots of games to try

This version of the casino is packed with great titles to try. It's not unusual to find a few more titles in the downloadable alternative, but you'll get plenty to keep you going if you don't want to go beyond the instant play option at Vanguards Casino.

Are they looking for affiliates?

We couldn't find any information to suggest they are. Typically, online casinos offering an affiliate program would highlight it via a link. This would normally be at the bottom of the site, but there is nothing there.

No sports are featured on the site

You cannot use a sportsbook, place bets on live or forthcoming events, or do anything else you might do if you found a website offering sporting-related services.

For blog and forum entries, go elsewhere

The casino is likely discussed on other sites, but we failed to find anything close to these services on the site itself.

A small yet appealing selection of live dealer games

Some casinos have many more live games than you'll find at Vanguards Casino. That said, this casino knows how to cover the basics. You've got blackjack, roulette, and baccarat for starters, along with craps and Caribbean Stud Poker if you fancy something different.

How can you make some deposits?

This can be done in several ways. The banking page covers all available methods. If a method - such as credit card or web wallet, for example - is fine to use for depositing, you'll see the word DEPOSIT in green.

There are fewer ways to withdraw funds

However, these are shown in green too, so if a method shows WITHDRAWAL in red, you know it cannot be used for this purpose. You've got Skrill, Neteller, uPayCard, and a wire transfer to choose from.

Can you use Bitcoin?

This is an odd one. If you view the bottom of any page of the casino, you'll spot the famous Bitcoin logo. However, this doesn't link to a page about it, nor does that method appear on the banking page.

Live chat is available for everyone

You do need to share your email address with them though. If you have any queries about using the site before you join, at least you can ask. The site includes a section of questions and answers too, so it's worth reviewing that if you want to.