Bonus Rounds and Beyond: How to Take Advantage of Online Slot Features

Undeniably, slot machines' unique features are part of their appeal. They fall into two categories: non-bonus and bonus features. In this article, we look at both slot gameplay elements and how you can take advantage of them while spinning the reels of your favorite digital fruit machines.

Learn More About Regular Slot Machine Features

Regular features have to do with standard wins provided by reel attributes that align together in combinations but have no bonus prizes attached to forming such combos. The real money rewards they trigger can still be substantial, but they are less exciting than the wins we talk about next.

Boost Your Winnings Substantially via the Use of Bonus Play Elements

Of course, every player mainly uses reel spinners to trigger bonus wins, as such prizes can be life-changing. With slot games, such bonus wins can stem from features like wild icons, free spins and payout rewarding scatter logos, progressive jackpot hits, and many other gameplay elements specific to the slot reel spinners you are playing.

To Take Advantage of Features Provided by Your Favorite Slots

To take advantage of slot features in the best possible way, we recommend studying them before you start playing slots and while playing them. Before playing, look at the information provided by, for example, online casino game reviews or gameplay information supplied by the casinos hosting the games you are about to play.

Then, to better understand your preferred slot's features, check out its second-screen paytable while playing. In such a paytable, you will find information about the slot's non-bonus features and bonus features, but also about general terms and rules of the game that further help you better understand its workings.

Examples of Slots With Top Features Created by a Well-Known Developer

If you are searching for slots with rewarding features created by a trusted and beloved casino software developer, look no further than the creations of Rival Gaming. This developer is a serial producer of unique and fun-to-play slots within its collection of top titles like Panda Party Slots , Chicken Little Slots, Milk The Cash Cow Slots, and Pistols & Roses slots . You can play Rival Slots or others at platforms like Drake Casino, Desert Nights Casino, and DuckyLuck Casino.

Start Using Slot Machine Gameplay Features to Trigger Lucrative Wins

With this valuable knowledge gained about online slot features, we now encourage you to start making the most of the fantastic gameplay elements that the entertaining slots from Rival Gaming and other top casino game producers offer.