Five Times Wins Slots

Five Times Wins Slots
Here we have a great example of the kind of slot that offered supersonic excitement, in a casino atmosphere and realistic surroundings. Five Times Wins provides a traditional, classic and pure gaming experience, and it succeeds on all fronts. Never does the theme impose on the traditional casino game. The game is, in effect, a classic One Armed Bandit, reminiscent of slots in the past, a perfect Fruit Machine if ever there was one.

Five Times the Win, Five Times the Action

Five Times Win is a 3-reel, 3-row slot, with 1 to 3 active pay lines. The game’s only ‘special feature’ is the Wild multiplier symbol. Apart from that, there are no Scatters, Bonus Rounds, Free Spins, Progressive Jackpots, or other gimmicks. The game can stand on its own two feet and carry the weight on its shoulders, without the need for help.

Vegas on your Screen: Mobile Version

The overall theme is decidedly Vegas. The neon lights, glitz and glamour, in the city that never sleeps; this is the atmosphere created by Five Times Wins. The game blasts out of the screen of a mobile device with clarity and pixel-perfect picture quality. The sound effects are also optimised for mobile devices. You can use your tablet or smartphone, iOS or Android, the choice is yours, but the end product will be the same.

Fruity Symbols

Since Five Times Wins is a classic slot, so too, are the game symbols. You will find several different fruits, such as Cherries, three different kinds of Bars, with one, two or three of them on the symbol. You also get three different coloured Lucky Sevens. The Wild is here too, with its five times, multiplying powers. They all blend into the game seamlessly and smoothly. The sound effects are reminiscent of the sounds at a land casino.

Game Play

Playing Five Times Wins is a straightforward affair. The game controls are easy to use, useful and displayed on your screen. They allow customisation of betting. There are an AutoPlay button and other useful functions. The paytable demonstrates all the symbol values, combinations and their subsequent payouts. With a return to player (RTP) of over 96%, Five Times Wins does offer five times the fun, and many more chances to win.

Symbol Values

With 3-reels and 1-3 pay lines, it isn’t confusing wagering. Landing three Sevens wins a total of 150 coins, which can grow to a massive 5,000 coins if you get a Wild win! Wagering just a single coin can still earn you a handsome payout of 1,500 coins!

Five Times Wins Summary

If you enjoy casino gaming in its purest form, then Five Times Wins is for you. By keeping the game simple, it’s appeal has increased, with more players being drawn towards it as if by magic. The symbols fit the theme and create a realistic Las Vegas style casino slot, otherwise known as the One Armed Bandit. Dare you take on the challenge and defeat the Bandit to win the top payout? Who dares wins, and who wins, rejoices Five Times over. Welcome to a truly exceptional, traditional 3-Reel slot. Welcome to casino paradise.