Gold Rush Slots

The Gold Rush has long been used to inspire several superb slot games. We have one of those to review for you here, and while it may not be the most complex, this alone can be appealing for some players. If you fancy a change from the more complicated games around on this topic, relax. We’ve got the best slot game review for you here, covering everything you need to know about the Gold Rush online slot.

Who is the developer for this game?

If you search for the Gold Rush slot game online, you’re going to find several providers with this very title. The one we are referring to here, though, is from Rival Gaming.

Have they given players the chance to play a demo version?

Yes, and it is a good idea to try it, so you can see if this is a good one to play.

The Gold Rush theme is obvious from the start

The title was a real giveaway, wasn’t it? You’ll see someone panning for gold above the reels, and there are nuggets of gold, sacks of cash, and the gold prospector himself to search for on the reels too.

Does it earn top marks for a good design?

The design is quite basic, but this isn’t a new slot game. There is plenty of detail though, with a mountainous background and a river appearing where the prospector pans for gold by the title above the reels. It’s a nice look.

The basics to look for in Gold Rush slots

This has just three reels to spin if you decide to play. You can expect the prospector to appear as the wild, and while he isn’t labeled as such, he is holding a gold nugget between his thumb and finger. He looks happy, too. Finding one in a winning combo gives you a 2x multiplier. Finding two means you get a 4x multiplier to add to the prize. There is no scatter and no progressive involved here.

Paylines to bet on

You get just one payline here, running across the center of the reels and shown with a red line.

Bets to place on this game

Use the plus and minus buttons to adjust your line wager, which can go from a cent to ten dollars. You can also play up to three coins on each spin of the reels. This affects the payout for each prize. All but the jackpot will increase in equal increments. However, one, two, or three coins winning the jackpot would give you 100, 200, or 400 coins in return.

You cannot miss the paytable

Three-reel slots tend to keep the paytable on the same page. It means you can immediately see which combos would award which prizes.

Is there a bonus to find?

No, this is a basic three-reel game without bonuses.

Free spins aren’t there either

That may not surprise you.

RTP details you should know about

One site gave the return to player percentage as 97.46%, while another gave it as 95.94%, so we guess it is somewhere between the two. Both are reasonably healthy though.

Our rating for Gold Rush from Rival Gaming

We’re giving this 7 out of 10, as it is good to try if you want something simple with a different theme.

There are smaller jackpots for potential winners to receive

Some of these three-reel slots give jackpot wins worth up to 10,000 coins, so the biggest one here seems very small by comparison.

Play the demo to check it out

You can see how this game works without even trying the demo, but most people do like to try it first. We suggest you do just that if you’re curious.

Rival casinos allow players to try this one with real wagers

Will you give it a try? You know where to go if you want to find it and take part in a Gold Rush.

Simple to play on mobile

Most Rival casinos should give you the option to play this game on mobile too, on Android and iOS devices.