Everything You Need to Know About Specialty Games

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Some casinos would argue that every game is a special game, and this is true. There is a section of a casino called specialty games, and this is where players can find bingo-style games, keno, and scratch cards. As they are called, the specialty games are a lot easier to play than the more complex table games or the multi-faceted slots or video pokers. For example, keno is an ancient numbers game dating back to Chinese Emperors who wanted to entertain their soldiers with games of numbers. A grid of eighty numbers is presented to players in one form or another, and the player is invited to choose fifteen numbers that he believes will be chosen. A random number generator then spurns out numbers, and awards are given for matching numbers and how many are matched. The more numbers are matched, the higher the payout. Keno is based purely on luck and provides a perfect break from Cafe Casino's more intense casino games. Scratch Cards games are easy and give players a board with nine or twelve cards. Players are invited to choose a card and attempt to match images. Three of the same gives a payout. Together with bingo options, these simple games offer an interlude from the more intense games of slots and blackjack and are known as specialty games. Like a balanced diet of food, games are also healthy and good for the soul.