Silver Unicorn Slots

Magical Fairy tales sometimes do come true, and that is certainly the case when players spin the reels of Silver Unicorn Slots in online casinos that are powered by software developer Rival Gaming. This cartoon style, unicorn-themed online slot machine allows players to win great prizes if they successfully spin the fairytale kingdom and all of its magical inhabitants on the screen.

The mystical unicorn is of course the star of the show and the reels, but you can also spin other magical creatures like for example the troll and the fairy. Some of the other inhabitants of this magical kingdom are the owl, the prince and the princess. Gamblers can play with these icons on the reels and claim non-feature cash rewards, but they can also receive special feature bonuses like the super bonus round, multipliers, free spins, expanding wilds, and even a very rewarding jackpot prize.

Magical Design Elements and Easy to Use Game Adjustment Buttons

The fairytale vibes burst from the screen in this game, because the magical spinning sessions will take place in a mysterious forest where the legendary unicorn roams around in search for food. It is nighttime in the forest, and between the green bushes and threes, the dark shape of the unicorn can be spotted on the back of the screen. Meanwhile, interesting reel symbol figures on the front will also try to grab the player's attention. Their symbols can be crossed by a maximum of 20 pay-lines that spawn from colorful little circles on the left and right side of the 5 slot reels.

Also, various game detail displays and adjustment buttons have grown on the leaves of the forest, and they can be spotted on the bottom and the top of the game screen. On the bottom leftmost side, a display shows players the amount of their recent win. A coin value adjustment display with a plus and minus button is placed next to it. With the plus and the minus keys, players can set the coin value to $0.01, $0.05, $0.10, or $0.25. With these low values, budget players will not have to worry that they break the bank with their wagers.

Furthermore, besides a coin value option, there is also a 'select coins' function that lets players determine the number of coins that they want to play with. This number ranges from one to ten. Then there is also the -select lines' option, which further determines the size of the wager. Between 1 and 20 pay-lines can be activated. More lines mean higher bets, and when the maximum number of lines is combined with the maximum number of coins and a top coin value of $0.25, then the reel spinner will place a $50.00 bet. It should be mentioned that there also is a 'bet max' button that make things more convenient for high rollers who love to place the biggest wagers without having to click on the adjustment buttons all the time.

There is also an ‘auto’ icon for those players who don't like to click at any button at all. It conveniently activates and spins the reels automatically. Keep in mind though, this option is only available in the real money version of the game. Players who enjoy the game for free, still have to click on the spin button at the rightmost bottom corner of the screen in order to set the reels in motion. Lastly, there is the 'pay table' icon, and it can be found on the top left and top right corners of the screen. A pay table is often included in slot game to inform players about the available symbol payouts, special feature details, and game rules.

The Pay Table Displays Symbol Combination Rewards

The non-feature triggering symbols are all connected to the theme. A tower stands at the top of the payout list with its big prize of 750 credits. This prize is given to players who manage to spin the symbol five times. All the other top, non-feature symbol payouts are also being handed out when they appear in combinations of five on the reels. Minimum combinations of three consecutively placed symbols are needed to trigger the lowest payouts. Also, every symbol combination must start from the left.

In addition to the already mentioned tower symbol, players can also spin the fairy, the prince, the princess, the unicorn crown, the troll, the heart and the owl. Additionally, there is also a treasure chest, which provides an excellent jackpot of 2500 credits in return for 5 hits on the game screen.

Besides these very rewarding non-feature symbols, players can also have their share of fun and profits with special reel icons like the free spins triggering purple rose scatter, the jackpot rewarding treasure chest, the prize multiplying expanding wild unicorn, and the bonus round launching butterfly.

Unicorns and Big Cash Payouts Do Exist

Slot game fans should think again if they believe that unicorns do not exist and that big casino payouts will never befall on them. Silver Unicorn Slots is here to prove them the contrary with its magical slot reel display and its many promising win opportunities. These wins can be obtained if players decide to go for the full gamble experience in a real cash version of the game.

However, if they decide to play for free casino credits, then the focus will not lay on the thrills of winning large cash prizes, but rather on the fun and entertaining aspects of seeing the unicorn and all the other fairytale figures appear on the game screen during casual spins. Both the real cash mode and the free mode are excellent ways to spend some time on online casinos. So fantasy loving slot game fans should go and find those gambling platforms that support Rival's slot games, and then dive into the casino game collections to see if they can perform a couple of entertaining Silver Unicorn Slots spins.