Play Spy Game Slots

This game may not be in the 3D section, but it is still worth playing. You’ll see why in a moment. However, with a game map to look at – something we don’t think we’ve found in any other similar game – Spy Game is very different from anything else you might have experienced. Let’s see why.

What number of reels and paylines are used?

There are five reels involved in this game, and you’ve got a choice of 15 paylines as well.

What can you bet on the game?

Well first of all you can play as many as five coins per line. However, it’s easy to select one, two, three or four instead if you like. Your coin values range from a cent all the way up to a dollar.

Does Spy Game have plenty of special symbols?

It does – more so than you might think. The gun gives you a chance to win some free spins if you get a minimum of three during a spin. Every prize is multiplied by four in this round. The top secret file is the wild symbol, and if this forms part of a winning line during the free spins, it triples your prize amount.

Can you look to unleash a bonus round?

Yes, you can. This needs to be done during the free spins, and there are three missions to complete depending on where you are on the game map. In the first stage, for example, you have to find the three separate parts of the bomb during the free spins in order to access the bonus level. If you complete the relevant part of the bonus round, you’ll go back to the normal game. Next time you get some free spins you’ll see some different symbols on the reels. If you can then collect three other separate elements, you’ll trigger the next stage in the bonus round, and so on. There are three stages in all.

Download and enjoy playing Spy Game today!

As you can see, while this game has a flat look instead of using 3D effects, the storyline behind it has been well worked out. This means you can enjoy free spins that will hopefully lead you through to the bonus round. The fact there are three of those to play in time is even better, as you will soon see. Give it a try and see how it works for you.