Choosing A Bitcoin Wallet

To use Bitcoins, you need a Bitcoin wallet. Think of it as a virtual wallet - just as you'd put real banknotes in a real wallet, you can put your bitcoins in a bitcoin wallet that exists securely online. There are several wallet providers out there, so it makes sense to check out the options and to understand how to choose one.

The only difference is that your bitcoins are accessible via your wallet, rather than being stored within it. They are kept on the blockchain, but you will need a wallet to gain access to however many bitcoins you have.

Which platform are you using?

There are wallets available for using on desktop computers and on mobile devices. Within the mobile world, you can choose a Bitcoin wallet for iOS devices, for Android devices, for BlackBerry phones, and for Windows phones. Make sure you choose the right one for your needs.

Online or offline?

There are bitcoin wallets that fall into both these categories. Online ones are good enough, but may be open to access via unsavory people looking to hack into them. If you have an offline wallet, you can keep it on a USB drive and store it safely away. While this is the equivalent of cash, it does mean you are the only person with access to it. It cannot be hacked, and your bitcoins cannot be stolen. Just be sure you keep the drive safely locked away. Even water damage could render your bitcoins lost forever.

Get a wallet that is well-known and highly regarded by those in the know

Some wallets are better-known than others, and offer two-step security to keep your bitcoins safer than those with just one-step security. Do your research, or better still, read through our information to find out which wallets are the best and most secure ones around today.

Long-established wallets and those with good reviews by other users are going to be top of your list. You then need to whittle down the choices according to whether you want an online or offline wallet, and which device you want your wallet to work on.

You might also consider whether you usually visit online casinos on your computer, or whether you visit them on a mobile device. This will help you narrow the field when it comes to choosing the best Bitcoin wallet for your needs.