Paylines and RTP: Understanding the Basics of Online Slot Machines

This article details some essential aspects of online slot machines: pay lines and the RTP (Return To Player) percentage. Furthermore, we briefly explain the basics of slots and touch on the specific slot game products from a prominent casino software brand. This article is, therefore, excellent to read if you want to play virtual slot machines.

An Introduction to Online Casino Slot Machines

We can't discuss pay lines and RTP before briefly touching on what slots are. In their most basic form, slot titles are casino games that show you a reel grid with rows and reels (usually three or five) on which you need to spin symbols that then need to form specific combinations for them to trigger your wins and start bonus features. And not only do you need to spin symbol combos to win successfully, but you also need to align them with pay line structures, which we will teach you more about next.

How Paylines Help Trigger Wins Initiated by Symbol Combinations

Every online slot machine has a set of pay line (also called win line) structures that can cross the reel grid in various directions. The available pay lines can be high in video slots and low in classic slots. Some slot machines let you activate and de-activate them, while others have a fixed set of lines you cannot change.

These lines are essential in the game because they help you to make payouts. Symbol combinations you spin need to land on them to payout wins. Since pay lines enable you to produce wins, learning how many are available in a slot game before you start playing it is good. The more, the better, after all.

Always Study the Return to Player (RTP) Percentage of a Slot Game

Another specific game aspect to consider when you are interested in playing a particular slot is its RTP rate or percentage. RTP stands for Percentage Return To Player. Its meaning is easy to explain. You need to know that a slot game's RTP rate indicates how much of your wagered money will return to your bankroll during your playing sessions.

Of course, when an RTP percentage is high, the slot you're interested in can be very beneficial to play. Therefore, always check the RTP rate of your slot game of interest to see if it further excites you to put its reels in motion and place bets on those reel-spinning outcomes.

Become Familiar With Pay Lines and RTP Rates by Playing Rival Slots

Now that you know more about two fundamental aspects of slot machines, it is time to test the waters, and what better way to do that than with the slots from a notable software developer that has been delighting online gamblers with top slot machines for many years?

That developer is Rival Gaming, a brand with an extensive collection of uniquely themed and featured slot machines available such as Red, White & Bleu Slots, Gold Rush Slots, Heroes Realm Slots, and Surf Paradise Slots. Many digital casinos host these games and others from Rival Gaming. If you want to play them, we recommend you check out platforms like Irish Luck Casino, Spin Dimension Casino, and DuckyLuck Casino.

Start Putting Your Newly Gained Slot Game Knowledge to Good Use

Now that you've gained more knowledge about slots, you will feel stronger and more confident playing them at top casinos powered by software from trusted developers like Rival Gaming. Put your knowledge to proper use and begin to rake in those juicy casino wins today.