Scatter Symbols and Free Spins: The Secret to Online Slot Machine Success

Digital slot machines can be advantageous, but you must know how to properly use their bonus features to extract the most substantial wins from them. Scatter icons and free spins are two frequently used bonus features in slot machines. And these two powerful gameplay elements have a close connection to each other. Learn more below to take advantage of them to win big and have a memorable time on the reels.

Getting to Know the Workings of Casino Slot Machines

Since scatter symbols and free spins are slot machine gameplay and bonus features, it helps if we first give you the basics of slots. That will help you better understand the bonus features if you are a novice player just getting started with spinning reels and chasing gains resulting from such spins.

If you are just getting started with playfully exploring the fun and exciting world of slot machines, know that in their most basic form, slots are games that show you a grid consisting of reels and rows with symbols displayed on them. You will then spin those symbols into combinations on the reels to make wins and trigger bonus features. Or, in the case of scatter icons, no combos are required to have success, as you will learn next.

How Scatter Icons Can Give You Instant Payouts and Other Bonus Perks

Scatter symbols can be part of the symbol collection of a slot machine game. They can sometimes be unavailable, especially in classic fruit machine games, but in modern-day video slots, their absence is rare. Mostly, you will encounter them, and what they do at their core is give you instant payouts when you spin them on the reel grid.

What makes them unique is that, unlike regular non-feature symbols, scatters payout wherever they land on the reel grid. Meaning you do not need to form combinations with them to have success. Furthermore, another feature often attached to scatter icons is that they trigger free spins rewards when, depending on the individual game's rules, you land them on the reel grid in a large enough quantity.

Make Bet-Free Winning Streaks With Bonus Spins

So free spins often follow a successful scatter symbol spin. These spins differ from regular ones because they come without requiring you to place bets to set the reels in motion. Instead, the reels will spin for free, and you reap the benefits when the correct symbol combinations land on the game grid.

Rival Gaming Slots Equipped With Scatters and Free Spins Bonus Rounds

There are lots of slots available that let you enjoy scatter pays and free spins perks. Some of the best of those slots come from the producer Rival Gaming. Thus, we want to inform you about these fun Rival Gaming slots and at which casino you can find them or others produced by a trusted software developer.

Searching for suitable titles to play, consider spinning the reels of unique digital slots like Gnome Sweet Home Slots , Scary Rich Slots , Lion's Roar Slots , and Astral Luck Slots. Try to locate and play these games at Rival Gaming-powered casino brands like Slotgard Casino , DuckyLuck Casino, and Irish Luck Casino.

Utilize Scatter Symbol and Free Spins Powers Today via Online Slots

Now that you know the benefits that scatter icons and free spins can bestow on you during slot reel spinning sessions, it is time to start benefiting from them. Find your favorite top (Rival) games that provide free spins and scatter fun, and begin to rake in those wins while having a memorable gaming time.