VIP Slots Casino

Sometimes, it seems as if you've seen every conceivable online casino design. We thought we had, until we encountered the VIP Slots Casino. Any mention of VIP is a good thing, because it makes us keen to learn more and to see whether a site will make us feel like a VIP. And honestly, if you join this site, you will get the opportunity to enjoy a 200% bonus on your first deposit. You can also claim up to 200 free spins, so check out the offer today to see how beneficial it could be for you.

More than just slots

You'd think a casino called VIP Slots is going to have lots of slots and little else. Well, you are half right. They do have lots of slots, but they have lots of other games as well. These include scratch cards, instant games, and casino games too.

Leading game providers are adding their games to the mix

You'll see lots of games here from Rival Gaming, but they are not alone in offering a cool game collection to delve into. Watch for some popular titles from Betsoft, Arrows Edge, Pariplay, Microgaming, and Spinomenal among others. If you cannot find something you love out of that collection, we'd be amazed!

Like the look of a game? Try it free

This is a great feature we love to see at online casinos, and yet few of them offer it. You can usually play the demo version of a slot game once you've signed up and you are in your account, but few offer the chance to play unless you do this.

Fortunately, this doesn't apply to VIP Slots Casino. You can click on any game you want to learn more about and it will load just as you would expect it to if you were placing real bets. Give one a try with play money (you won't win prizes) and see if you like it enough to play for real.

All the best features of a good online casino, with none of the hassle

When you use VIP Slots Casino, you'll realize how good an online casino can be. We would be surprised if you decided against joining this one, because there is so much to enjoy here. Look through the hottest games on the homepage and find out more about featured ones too. Your discovery starts here.

A Compact and Fun Lobby

VIP Slots casino has a compact and colorful lobby that welcomes you to the site while offering all the important choices that you would expect when visiting a casino. The platform has an upper navigation menu that you can see immediately along with a drop-down menu for more options. It's fitted with a selection of game genre options to choose from and it gives you a glance at some of the more exciting features on a slider menu. Overall, the lobby is simple to look at and very easy to use and we really like it.

Join Easily

If you decide that you want to give this casino a try, you can join in mere moments. Just press the "Join Now" button and the registration form will open right up. From there you fill out a short set of form fields and you're finished with registration just like that. Once you're done you are ready to put in some of your own money and start gambling. The process couldn't be simpler.

Most Gamblers are Accepted Here

Many online casinos are incredibly selective about which countries are allowed to wager on the site. This isn't really much of an issue with VIP Slots casino. There are some country restrictions, but most players can join up and start playing easily. Try and go through the quick registration process to find out if you are eligible or not, but you likely won't have a problem creating your account.

Try out Regularly Released New Games

This site relies on software from BetSoft and Arrow's Edge, two smaller software development companies. New games are released each month though, giving you new options to test out and to get familiar with all the time. If you like testing out lots of new games you might not have enough regular releases to keep you interested in the casino, but we found the number of new games to be more than enough with the several hundred options that were already there.

A Rich Selection of New and Ongoing Promotions

High-quality casinos offer many different types of promotions to keep the free money rolling in. At VIP Slots there are a few powerful welcome bonuses that can give you hundreds of dollars in free money and hundreds of free spins to play around with as well. The welcome bonuses are good for the first three deposits into the site. Once the welcome offers wear out it's still possible to get money back bonuses, deposit matches, free spin offers and more just by playing at the site and turning in the ongoing promotional offers as often as possible. New offers are put out on a weekly basis, so you need to check back with the promotions page regularly to avoid missing out.

There are Frequent Tournaments

Even though it's not immediately obvious, there are many different types of tournaments offered on the VIPSlots casino website. You can pick from the regularly released contests to spice up the slot games you play regularly and to give yourself new competitive goals to play for. Some of the tournaments are freerolls that give you a chance at free bonus money, but most come with buy-ins that you must pay to get started. Join a tournament, play for the set period of time and try to reach the top of the leaderboard to come away with one of the prizes on offer.

Massive Casino Payouts are Possible

Depending on the type of gambler you are there are some very impressive casino payouts possible while playing at VIPSlots. It's possible to win tens of thousands of dollars on just a single round of specific games. The Super Slots Jackpot is a perfect example of a high-paying game and the current jackpot is worth more than $75,000 on that game. With so many high-winning opportunities available here it's no wonder that so many gamblers keep coming back for more.

Earn a Rebate to Keep You Going

Each week the site calculates rebate payouts for the players that had a losing week. If you lost money while playing on the site, the casino will give you back 10% of your losses that you can put toward next week's wagers. This system is always available and will help keep the fun going even if you burn through your whole bankroll.

The Site is Mobile Friendly

This casino is designed to accommodate all the gamblers that prefer to play using a mobile device. These players can hop on a smartphone or tablet and wager from anywhere that there is a decent internet connection. If you want to get more rounds of your favorite slot game in you can bring it with you when you leave home thanks to the clever design of this site.

Play in Your Web Browser Immediately

This instant play casino runs in web browsers on most devices including mobile products. There is no download process to worry about going through when you decide to play here. That means you can start wagering immediately and that you can test out the different games without taking the time to download any sort of software. This setup also makes it convenient to swap from one device to another.

Try out Games without Registration

We really like that this is one of the few online casinos that allow players to test out different games without bothering to go through the registration process. Even though it only takes a few minutes to register an account, you don't have to worry about that if you just want to try out the different games that are offered. Instead, you can go through the process to

Using the Generous Royalty Revenue Affiliate Program

If you're interested in representing the casino and trying to get new players to join and play, you can earn up to a 45% ongoing revenue stream through the Royalty Revenue affiliate program. It starts you off with 25% in commissions from the players you recruit and increases all the way up to 45% if you can make more than $45,000 in commission earnings. If you're looking for an affiliate program that gives generous commissions this is the one to look at.

No Sports Betting Available

Sports wagering services aren't common at most online casinos, though there are a few sites that offer casino games and sports betting. That's why it wasn't a surprise to us when we didn't see any sports betting services offered at VIP Slots either. The site doesn't make any mention of sports wagering and doesn't seem to offer any of these services. If you're looking for a site where you can do everything this isn't the one. It does offer an excellent selection of slot games and casino options to choose from though.

No Blog or Forum is Offered

Part of our evaluation process is to look to see if there is any sort of blog or forum to help with getting information. Having at least a blog makes it easy to learn about new updates and features offered at the casino. We didn't see either of those things at this casino, but it's still pretty simple to find out about the latest changes. That's because the site showcases the new games and promotions right on the home page. Check back regularly and you should know what's being offered.

Play with Real Dealers

There are live dealer games offered here that allow you to play different table games with a view of an actual dealer as you play. That means that you can see what a real dealer is doing as you play through one round after another of these table games. We like sitting down and playing live dealer games when we're ready to slow down our play a bit, but not everyone likes these games.

Choose from Many Deposit Options

When getting started there are many different deposit options for you to make use of. You can use Visa or MasterCard products to put money in instantly. You can also use Quick Cash to move money into your account easily, though you will have to wait longer than the other methods. Bitcoin is another simple tool for adding money to your account when you don't want to wait for slow transfers.

Few Cash-Out Options

There are just a few different ways that you can pull money out of your casino account when you're ready to enjoy your winnings. You can use Bitcoin to take a quick withdrawal out of your account reliably. Bitcoin is the only free withdrawal option available and it's the fastest as well. You can also request a bank wire transfer as long as you're willing to pay the $40 fee to move money this way. Finally, there's Quick Cash for taking money out. This method has a $50 minimum withdrawal requirement and it comes with an 8% surcharge to take money out as well. Between these methods Bitcoin is the best, but many people opt for Quick Cash to get their money if they aren't comfortable using Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is the Only Accepted Cryptocurrency

Bitcoin can be used for deposits and withdrawals at this casino. If you want to move money quickly and without fees, Bitcoin is one of the best tools to do the job. Just set up a wallet and fund it and you'll be ready to start wagering.

Reaching out For Help is Convenient

There are quite a few help tools available for you to use if you do have to ask a question or something while playing at the casino. You can call one of the many different toll-free customer support phone numbers if you want to speak with a representative right away. The live chat tool also connects you with customer support in just a few minutes and leads to answers very fast. If you don't mind waiting a bit you can send out an email for answers to most problems as well, it can take up to a day to hear back from the help team with this method though.