The Pros and Cons of Playing at Online Casinos as a US Player

It's not too troublesome to find some internet casinos that welcome players from the US. However, it can depend on whether you're hunting for casinos that hold a license for one or more US states or whether they're based offshore. The latter option provides licensing in another country, so it's a bit different yet could still provide something to think about.

So, what are the pros involved with living in the US and playing online… and what are the drawbacks?

Pros of being a US casino player on the internet

The US is a big country, so you've got a good chance of finding several offshore casinos that focus on this as a legit market. Some casinos based in other locations do not allow US players to sign up - you may find you can't see some of these sites, much less consider playing there. However, since there are plenty of offshore possibilities to think about, it means you've got more reliable sites to choose from.

A big market also leads to big bonuses and a bigger range of games to look forward to. If you go beyond the US-based casinos, you'll be surprised at what you find.

Cons of being a US online casino player

If you don't want to use an offshore casino, you're limited to the possibilities available inside the States. Since many states do not allow any form of online gambling, with others saying no to online casinos, you'll need to live in a specific state to be able to use these sites. Either that, or within state lines if you head for a state that allows others to use their online casinos when they're there.

There are also many countries whose online casinos do not stretch to US players. While some sites do allow you to see them, they might label the US as a prohibited country once you read the terms and conditions. And of course, some casinos have geo-blocking technology happening to prevent you from even reading those.

Being in the US puts you in a position like no other

If you decide you're going to check out one or more casinos in or beyond the US, you do need to stay attuned to the conditions laid down by the site. Get it right and you'll have plenty more games and casinos to explore whenever you fancy some gaming.