Atomic Age Slots

Who says the cold war is over? Certainly not when Rival Gaming is concerned. Rival Gaming decides to go full old school wit the throwback classic, Atomic Age Slots. The virtual arms race is back on with Atomic Age, a captivating five reel game with 15 pay lines that brings up the virtual arms race between east and west, firmly back online. Atomic Age packs a pretty powerful punch with multiple bonus rounds and smooth game play. When you need to go retro, enjoy Rival Gaming’s Atomic Age Slots.

There’s Nobody Like Rival Gaming

You’ll be hard pressed to fin an avid online casino gamer that hasn’t heard of Rival Gaming. Considered one of the top online gaming providers, Rival Gaming is in a class all of its own. Famous for delivering breathtakingly beautiful and highly sophisticated, five reel games, Rival Gaming takes full advantage of the modern day flash engine. Thanks to flash, there is next to no detail lost when it comes to the graphics. You can also play their games including Atomic Age Slots straight online or you can download them to your computer for faster game play.

Get To Know The Game

Another staple of Rival Gaming is the feature of previewing their games before making a real bet. The same is true when it comes to Atomic Age. There is no pressure to make a real bet when it comes to Atomic Age. By all means get to know the game and its features before you decide to roll the dice for real. All of the game functions and features are available, but you won’t be able to win real money. For that, you will have to place a real bet.

An Atomic Theme

When Rival Gaming makes a game, it goes all out making it. The nuclear arms rage, and the race to get to the moon has its prints all over Atomic Age. The likeness of the 1950’s, the golden age of science fiction is quite apparent. All the game details, the fonts, the icons and the reels all fill out this theme.

Retro Game Design

To help give you the complete immersive experience around Atomic Age, the game play, the sounds and the noises have a science fiction edge to them. Having said all that, the game essentials are all there. Right on the game screen is the spin button and the auto play button if you desire to set your bets automatically. Speaking of bets, Atomic Age has a coin size button where you get your bets right. There is also a pay table button and options button should you desire to make changes to the game settings.

A Special Type Of Slot Game Indeed

Atomic Age packs a powerful punch for a five reel game indeed. There are twin bonus rounds. But there is no progressive jackpot here to be won. But that doesn’t mean you can’t work the winning multipliers to your advantage.

Atomic Pay Lines

Atomic Age has 15 pay lines. You can easily adjust the number of pay lines through the usage of pay line arrows. Or you can bet on all of them with one press of the max bet button. Once you’ve made your choice on the pay lines, all you have to do is either place the bet yourself, or set it up through auto play mode and away you go.

Making The Atomic Bet

Get your bet just right too through the coin size buttons. You can easily adjust the values in denominations of five cents all the way to a whole dollar. The minimum bet per spin is a penny, while the maximum bet per spins is $75. You can easily go for broke on any spin by pressing the max bet button.

Don’t Forget About The Pay Table

Anything you want to know about the game icons and their respective amounts, is right there for the discovery when ever you should be in need. There are many icons worth mentioning, but the key ones include the cash register, which is responsible for landing you in one form of the bonus round. There is also the classic car scatter bonus icon. The wild symbol is the UFO. This icon will double winning combinations when it lands. The more scatters you land during regular game play will also add up to a nice winning multiplier.

An Atomic Size Bonus

Atomic Age doesn’t feature one, but rather two bonus rounds. The first bonus round is called the Cash Register bonus round. To play here, you will need to get at least three of the cash register icons to land on the pay line. The goal is to match as close as possible the prize among items you pick from. The other bonus round is known as The Drive In Bonus Round. In this intriguing round, experience the ultimate in the Atomic Age where you can earn up to a 50 times winning multiplier.

Is There A Free Spins Round

There is no free spins round in the Atomic Age. You’re going to have to make do with the bonus rounds.

What About The Return To Player

Losing comes with the territory when you make enough bets with Atomic Age. Don’t lose heart. The more you wager, the more you will find your returns coming back to you.

Is There A Rating?

Atomic Age doesn’t come with an official rating. There is no mature content. It is a nice throwback and nostalgic game to a much simpler time.

Could You Become The Next Big Winner?

Rival Gaming has a way of making games that makes many of those who play it, big time winners. Depending on the online casino you are playing Atomic Age at, you just might find you name in bright lights when it comes to Atomic Age.

Just Playing Around

Again, there is no pressure to make a real bet when it comes to Atomic Age. You can play around to get the feel of the game. You might be able to find some third party promotions like no deposit bonuses and free spins promotions. Both of these codes will allow you to play without betting a single cent, but you can win some real money in the process.

Putting That Bet Down

Depending on the online casino you are playing Atomic Age at, you are bound to have many options to make your deposit. The usual way is through credit card and debit cards. You might even be able to use e wallet services like Neteller and Skrill. You might be able to even use Bitcoin as well.

Playing On The Go

Atomic Age is a fully functional, state of the art slot game that works well on both desktops and mobile devices as well. All of the game’s abilities and the functions are right there in the palm of your hand. It is also designed for laptops for those who still use them. Simply login at the online casino of your choice and pickup right where you left off when it comes to Rival Gaming’s slot wonder, Atomic Age.