Wild Safari Slots

It’s not everyday that you get to go on an African safari, filled with beauty, and especially riches. But now, thanks to Rival Gaming, you can not only get to experience all the natural majesty of the safari, but win in style as well. So what do you get with Wild Safari Slots? For starters, this animated wonder is a five reel game with 25 pay lines. Along the journey and trek, you can expect a nice bonus round to go along with a generous free spins round.

Rival Gaming Keeps On Doing It

If you game in the online casino world, chances are that you know of Rival Gaming. Not only is Rival Gaming a giant in the online casino world, for all intents and purposes, it is in a class of its own. Rival’s trademark continues to be developing high caliber, five reel slots games that are both, visually stunning to look at, and a joy to play. Entwined in these games are high end bonus rounds to go along with free spins round. Taking full advantage of the flash engine, Rival makes it possible to play Wild Safari Slots either straight on the web browser, or you can download it to your computer or the mobile device of your choice.

Getting The Demo Rounds In

There is no pressure to place a real bet with Wild Safari Slots. By all means play the practice rounds so you can get the feel of the game to see if it is to your liking. All of the game’s functions and abilities are there for the taking, but you won’t be able to win real money. Again, the point of the demo rounds is to see what you think of Wild Safari Slots and for you to get the hang of it.

It’s All In The Theme

Wild Safari Slots is all about one thing. Travel and exploration. Explore and travel is exactly what you will do in Wild Safari Slots. All the details, game icons and the game play, all support the adventure theme. It also has all the normal gaming features that normally comes with a slot game.

A Unique Design

To help immerse you into the Wild Safari theme, all of the reels and the game icons, are all in the likeness of a real, African wilderness. The game icons really reflect the embodiment of the true safari experience. The era in a lot of ways of the game play, is almost colonial like. You can expect pay line arrows to help you get your bet right. There are coin size buttons where you adjust your bet. Through in a pay table, an options button, and you’re good to go with Wild Safari Slots.

A Unique Type Of Slot

Wild Safari stays true to its safari theme and design. This title does come with a bonus round and a free spins round, but it does not feature a progressive jackpot. There are a lot of ways for you to make out nice, including a generous winning multiplier and highly lucrative icons.

It’s All In The Pay Lines

Wild Safari features 25 generous pay lines that all immerse you into the wild jungle, safari theme. You can easily adjust the number of pay lines on each spin through the usage of the pay line buttons. Once you’ve gotten the pay lines you wanted, the choice is yours whether to place the bet on your own, or through auto play mode.

Getting Your Bet Right

And just like you can adjust the number of pay lines per spin, you can adjust the coin size value through the usage of the coin size buttons. The starting bet to get rolling with Wild Safari slots, is a penny. You can adjust the coin size amount in variations of five cents.

Don’t Forget About The Pay Table

For all the information regarding the icons and their respective amounts, all you have to do is hit the pay table button. You will be taken to a screen with all the game icons. The icons of key value include, the airplane which is responsible for playing in the free spins round, the camera is the one that will get you into the bonus round. There is also an expanding wild which takes the form of the jeep. What’s interesting about the expanding wild is it only occurs on the first and fifth reels. When it lands, it will grow over the entire reel.

Don’t Forget About The Bonus Round

To get into the bonus round, you will need to land at least three of the camera icons. Once this happens, you will be brought to a new screen where you will commence a mini bonus game. In this game, you will choose the location of a photo shoot where you must center the animals in the camera frame. The more of them you get into the frame, the larger your prize will be.

And What About The Free Spins

Whatever you do, don’t overlook the free spins round available in Wild Safari Slots. To get into the free spins round, you must get at least three of the airplane symbols to land on the pay line. The more airplanes that you land, the greater the number of free spins you will play with. Three will start you off with 10 free spins. Four will grant you 20 and five will unload the mother load of 50 free spins. And during the free spins round, winning combinations will be tripled. The airplane icon in regular game play, will reward you with a nice winning multiplier.

Don’t Forget About The Return To Player

Losing comes with the territory when you wager. Don’t lose heart, the more you wager, the more the return to player will work in your favor.

What Is The Rating

There is no official rating associated with Wild Safari Slots.

Become The Next Big Winner

Rival Gaming has a tradition of making many people winners who plays their game. There’s no reason why that can’t be you. Depending on the online casino you are playing Wild Safari Slots at, you might find your name in big bright headlines throughout the website.

Just Playing Around

Again, there is no rush when it comes to laying down a real bet. By all means, take your time so you can get the feel of the game. It might be possible to find a no deposit or a free spins promotion where you can play the game for free, while standing a chance to win real money in the process.

When You’re Ready To Make Your Bet

When you are ready to make a wager for real, you’ll find that there are many online casinos that can easily accommodate your bet. You can usually make your bet with traditional credit cards and e wallets. You might be able to use Bitcoin as well.

Playing On The Go

Wild Safari Slots is fully equipped to play on today’s smart devices, including laptops. All you have to do is login at the online casino of your choice, and pickup right where you left off with Wild Safari Slots.