Top Live Dealer Games to Play at Online Casinos in the USA

There are plenty of real casinos in certain US states, so if you happen to live close to one of those, you can try some table games with real dealers to see how you fare. However, many people prefer the convenience of going online and trying live dealer games there. It removes the need to leave home or to live close enough to a casino to get there.

We've picked three of the top live dealer games you can play in the US today. So, if you're all set to try some without leaving home, here's how you can do it.

Live blackjack

Can you get to 21 or at least get more than the dealer? That's the premise behind blackjack, sometimes called 21, thanks to the ideal number you need to try and hit. You can often take a seat at a table with several other players too, which is cool if you want to have that experience as you play.

Most casinos have more than one version of blackjack available, with varying bets on offer as well. This means you need to carefully check the minimum bets before you play. However, there will be tables that will suit your budget.

Live baccarat

For something a little different, try this card game you can play against the dealer. As with blackjack, there are often variations of the game depending on which casino you choose to visit.

They're not all known as baccarat either. Check for Punto Banco, along with Super 6, as these are both versions of the game you can try. Many tables will vary the bet amount too, so look at that before committing yourself to a game.

Live roulette

Place a bet and watch where the wheel stops spinning and the ball drops into place. Most reputable online casinos will offer European roulette along with American roulette, but some have added other more unusual versions. The first two options are the best to start with though.

The range of available bets you can use in roulette makes it a fine choice for a live casino game. Go for odd or even, red or black, or consider whether you'd rather try guessing which number the ball could land on.

Try these and many other live dealer games online today

Many players love the immediacy of playing live casino games, rather than trying the other versions available in a standard online casino. If you're new to the games you would like to try in the live casino, make sure you try the basic ones where you play against the computer first. This gives you some experience, so you'll have a better idea of what to expect when you play against a real dealer. However, with plenty of accessible live casinos for US players, you've got a lot to look forward to.