Slots of Wins Casino

Slots of Wins is a very basic online casino, with some slots. That's about as much as we can say.

They claim to offer a $10,000 welcome package with 120 free spins. But with absolutely zero terms and conditions for it anywhere on the site - it might as well be $0, because it's essentially untrustworthy.

They have what looks like about 30 slots in their collection, which is very small to begin with. Then you realise that you have to download the games as well to access them. What is this, 2007?

Anyway, you could probably stop here. Go check out one of our other reviewed online casinos instead, where you'll find some fantastic options.

But if you want to have a laugh and see what not to do when running an online casino? Let's get into our Slots of Wins review.

Games You Can Play

Slots of Wins promises a whole lot of wins with a massive collection of… 30 slots. That's it. No table games. No live casino. No Keno games, virtual casino poker or crypto exclusives. Just 30 slots.

And - get this - we can't even confidently tell you what developer they're from. Nope.

The slots page info, what little there is, tell us that they're Real Time Gaming slots. Which would be good news. But, as casino experts, we could tell from the quickest glance the displayed were not all by Real Time Gaming. In fact, each game is from a different developer.

One game from each developer? A bit suspect to say the least. Then, we get onto the fact you have to download a client to try and play any of them anyway.

Yeah, you're allright.

Slots of Wins Bonus Offers

A ridiculously huge deposit match welcome offer $10,000 and 120 free spins.

But - there are no terms and conditions to be found. So it might as well be zero. There's no guarantees of anything. It could be 100x wagering with zero cashout. You just don't know, so it's absolutely not worth the risk in trying.


Our Verdict: Pros & Cons

  • Very basic site that's easy to understand
  • That's it - no other good points
  • Suspect game collection promising 1 slot each from 30 different developers
  • No terms and conditions on the site

Our Slots of Wins review opinion? Avoid, in almost every possible way. They're just a poorly designed and operated site at best.

We've reviewed plenty of other online casinos on this site that are legit, and a hundred times better than Slots of Wins. So go check them out instead.