Cafe Casino Big Winners

There is nothing better than reading about major prize winners at Cafe Casino – or indeed any casino you choose to visit online. Nothing guarantees that anyone is going to get a major prize but reading about others who have done so is a delightful experience.

There is a page at Café Casino where you can read about their latest winners. It sure would be cool to appear on that same page. While there are no steps to take that would assure you of this, we have pulled together some tips that might help.

Look for their progressive jackpot games

These are all in the jackpots area of the gaming menu. That’s where the biggest prizes are available. There are lots of titles to choose from too, including these:

Since the casino always has something new to add to its current collection, you may well see other titles joining the fray too.

The jackpots aren’t the only big prizes available

Whenever you load a new slot to check out, look at the prize potential hidden inside the paytable. Even when there are no progressive jackpots involved, there are lots of games that still have top prizes worth hundreds or even thousands of times your bet.

By exploring the paytable potential, you can see how much promise each individual game offers.

Learn everything you can about a game before you play

Understanding how each individual game works is hugely important. Without that knowledge, you won’t know which games give you the best odds of winning. Look for various data-driven facts too. For example, look for information on the return to player. You want this percentage to be as high as possible – ideally 96% or above.

Also consider the volatility of a game. Those with higher levels tend to drop bigger prizes, potentially in a run of prize payouts to the same player. However, you can also experience longer periods with no prizes. If you chose a lower volatility game, your prize amounts could be lower but there may potentially be more of them.

Remember to play for entertainment rather than prizes

We know that everyone wants to find that special combo that leads to a major prize. Let’s be clear though – only a tiny minority of players ever get their hands on the progressive jackpots.

That’s why we always recommend you choose the games you know you’re going to have a fantastic time with. Expect that you’ll lose your gaming budget and if you score anything in prizes, that’s superb.

One thing we can assure you is that if you did manage to find your way to a significant prize at Café Casino, getting hold of the actual cash is never an issue. You can read more about withdrawals and limits on their website.