Latest Winners

It's surprising to learn that some casinos never publish information about their latest winners. We think most players like to hear about successful players and the games they were playing at the time.

Golden Lion Casino doesn't go into a huge amount of detail on this topic, but it does reveal some of the players who recently won prizes while playing games at the casino.

The winners are announced underneath the welcome bonus

You cannot fail to miss the bonus, just above the options to download the casino or choose the instant play version.

Just under those buttons you'll see a recent winners' panel, marked by a congratulations message. We like the design of this as it shows three names, each falling into view as if those names were on three slot machine reels.

Winning currencies are highlighted too

Most amounts are in euros, US dollars, and British pounds. Occasionally, as was the case with Sam B, who won AU$501.12, another currency is indicated. In this case, it was Australian dollars.

Most players appearing in the section have won prizes worth hundreds or thousands of dollars, pounds, or euros. We didn't see any jackpot winners, but since those prizes are won far less often, that probably isn't a surprise.

$4,008.20 was a tasty prize won by one player, while someone else managed to score a prize worth £2,000.85. We don't find out which games were being enjoyed when the prizes dropped, but it's still nice to see how fortunate some players have been.

How much are the progressive jackpots worth?

You'll find out at the bottom of the home page at Golden Lion Casino. The site updates the total amount live, and when we visited, it had just ticked over to reach $175,000… and counting.

While all games have top prizes available to be won, the jackpot games appear in their own area in the games portion of the casino. Look out for Major Moolah as one of the top draws, along with One Million Reels BC.

No doubt your name and prize would appear in the recent winners section if you did manage to pick up a huge prize, despite the odds being against you for doing just that.