Interview with a Big Winner: Insider Tips and Tricks for US Players at Online Casinos

Can anyone provide you with insider hints and tips to help you trigger more prizes at your preferred US online casino? They can certainly share what they did to scoop a big prize, but it doesn't assure you of managing to do the same thing.

However, you can learn plenty about casino play, and we've brought together some tips and hints here that could help you along the way.

Stay within an affordable budget

You've heard that you should never chase any losses, as you could well end up even deeper in the red if you do. Enjoying some time playing at online casinos is all about managing your money. Allocate a sum you can afford to lose to your casino play. You can then decide how to use that sum to be sure of getting the most from it.

Look for the low volatility games

What does this mean? It simply means a low volatility game is more likely to generate prizes more often, although they'll be of a lower amount. In contrast, high volatility games drop prizes far less often. However, those games might also drop several bigger prizes one after the other. Knowing your risk tolerance and which games match it can help here.

Look for skill-based online casino games

Craps and blackjack are the easiest examples to understand in the skill-based category. It's still best to sign up for a casino to try demo versions of these games first though. Slot games may be the favorites among all available games, but only a rare few are based on any kind of skill. Most work via random number generators to ensure a fair and random outcome.

Don't always chase those jackpots

Progressive jackpots are the prizes every player wants to claim, yet these are - of course - the prizes very few will ever receive. It's always going to be way trickier to trigger a massive prize, since they drop way less often than a cheaper prize. If you are thinking about trying a progressive jackpot slot game, make sure you choose one with a smaller jackpot and a reasonable RTP value.

What's the RTP value?

This means return to player, and it tells you the value for the game, and the higher the number reaches, the better the return. It doesn't mean you'll receive back that percentage of the money wagered in a single game or session though. It also reveals the house edge - the remaining percentage that adds up to 100%.

Making the most of the casino games you want to try is just as much about having a good time as finding prizes to win. We all want to claim more coins than we wager, but mostly, this isn't going to happen. It's why playing for entertainment is so important.