The Most Popular Table Games at Online Casinos for US Players

While plenty of casino players head for the slots whenever they log into their favorite casino, this doesn't apply to everyone. In many cases, table games hold more appeal, and there are plenty to choose from. We cover some of the best types below.


While many table games involve a pack of cards, craps is all about dice. Two dice, to be exact - rolled by the shooter to see what they get. You win if your dice show seven or 11 points, giving you another roll. Rolling two, three, or 12 means you lose. The remaining numbers - four, five, and six, followed by eight, nine, and 10 - are known as a point. In this scenario, you roll again and if you hit the same number you did before, you win.


You might also see this labeled as Punto Banco. There are several bets to choose from when you play this game. You can place a wager on your hand or on the dealer's hand. It's possible to bet on a tie between you as well. Nine is the number to find in the game, as the winning hand will be the one that is closest to that. Aces, kings, queens, and jacks aren't worth anything, while aces only count as one. Whenever someone gets a hand worth more than nine, 10 points are taken off the hand. So, an ace and a 10 would produce a score of one. Play a few demo hands to get the hang of it.


You've seen a roulette wheel, we're sure. The roulette table shows all the possible bets you could make on the next spin of the wheel. You'll find European roulette and American roulette at a range of online casinos, although you might see other game types there as well. Speed roulette has also made a name for itself. You'll often find roulette available as a regular casino game as well as appearing in a live casino area, so check for both. Standard roulette options are often playable for free if you sign up to participate at the casino.


Most people understand the idea behind blackjack. The idea is to get 21 with the cards you hold - that's blackjack. You begin with two cards, as does the dealer, along with anyone else playing the game. You can stand on those cards if you think you've got a good hand or ask the dealer to hit you with another card. If that card takes you over 21, you lose. Even though you don't need to get 21 to win, you do need to score higher than the dealer.

Which table game are you going to start with?

We've chosen some of the most popular table games in the US to share with you here. Does one of them stand out to you? Find a top Rival casino to play at and you should find you have a choice of several table games to play.